Who is Barry

Barry is a cactus 🌵

But Barry is no ordinary cactus. He is a very happy cactus, a very happy cactus indeed.

Barry grew up in the heart of Mexico and one day decided he’d had his fill of tequila and was bored of the ever-so arid conditions so bought a one way ticket to London, attracted by the bright lights/big city, and has been here ever since!

Barry is currently appearing at Topshop Oxford Street, London, Ground Floor, hanging out with all his prickly friends from 9.30am-10pm Mon-Sat and 11.30am-6pm Sunday.

Please feel free to visit him for a cup of tea and a chin wag or drop him a line on hello@barrythecactus.com


#barrythecactus #spikeupyourlife

We bought 3 cacti as an impulse and they were probably the best purchases of our lives

Henry Stowell

Love Barry the Cactus, adorable 🙂

John Peters

Great cactus and plant shop with fun stock and low prices!

Michael Hall

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